NP2P MASTERS Class 101

This is for the Investor who is Serious about taking their Knowledge and Expertise to the Next Level.

This Six (6) Week Course is Semi-Intensive with Weekly Online LIVE Meetings!

Our Program Teaches Everything from...

  • Note Basics
  • Understanding All Distressed Real Estate Assets
  • How to Leverage Assets
  • Where to Find Product
  • Where to Find $$$$
  • How to Value the Note or Asset
  • How to Fix / Work Out
  • Make Non-Performing Notes Re-Perform
  • How to Sell or Flip the Note
  • How to Create Notes

And Trains on How To...

  • Communicate with Sellers and Buyers
  • Create Win-Win Deals
  • Get what you Want, while Giving Them what They Want
  • Use Creative Finance
  • Find Discount and Terms
  • Create Passive Income and ROI
  • Help People Avoid Foreclosure**

Building Wealth and Creating Cash Flow with Notes

  • How to Generate the monthly cash flow you desire
  • How to Create Wealth with Non-Performing Notes
  • Where to Find Capital to Fund your Deals
  • How to Maximize Your Return on Investment
  • What to Avoid - Doing AND Saying
  • How to Create Continuous Passive Income
  • Discover the hidden power of Note Investing
  • Learn How to Be the Bank!
  • How to Break Out of the Rat Race and Live Life On Your Terms!!*

Most of the “Other” Programs out there that are this intensive usually cost 1000’s of Dollars. This Doesn’t...

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Meet your Coaches!

Dave Christadore

Dave Christadore shows people how to invest in real estate and create more monthly cash flow so they can break out of the rat race and live life on their terms!

Dave is a real estate note investor and creative finance specialist. He specifically looks to buy and sell real estate on discount and terms and create win-win deals to help buyers, sellers and investors.

Robert Christadore

Robert Christadore is a creative finance visionary who spent more than 30 years in the insurance industry before he got into real estate investing. After owning rentals and completing a ground up build in Tucson Arizona, Bob came across note investing a few years after the crash of 2008.

About Note Peer2Peer

Note Peer2Peer is about educating and training investors to Find Opportunities, get them Funded, Fix the problems Correctly and Figure Out the Best Exit Strategy for them.

Whether You are Brand New to Investing in Real Estate or Have Experience in Full Note Pool Transactions and Syndications, There is something here for you.



The Note Peer2Peer started as an educational webinar, and has only grown. However, we have stayed true to our foundation of Education.

Our Monthly Broadcast is now through our Facebook Page: JOIN HERE

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There we will talk about important aspects of the Note and Distressed Real Estate World, Share Tips and even have LIVE discussion. Investors of ALL Levels take part, so come with questions!

To take it to the Next Level - JOIN our Members Only Group

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This is STILL TOTALLY FREE and is a Growing Community of Note Investors Helping Each Other! We Encourage Our Members to Interact with Each Other, Even to Make Deals Happen Together!

We are not just educating people to be note investors. We are showing people how to run their own independent business so they can work from home or anywhere they want. It also allows them to earn an unlimited amount of money while helping others. Note Investing Creates Cash Flow and has the ability to retire someone and even have passive income that passes on to their heirs. In this time of uncertainty of job security and loss, becoming a Note Investor can “hedge” against that risk and replace that income that can grow and increase. The best Note Investors look for Win-Win situations which benefit the people in hardship while being able to make a return on his or her investment. This is the only way we do business and train others to do the same!


NP2P Personal Training

We recommend You go through the MASTERS Class before we move to this Level, but it is not an obligation.

We are available for 1 to 1 or small group training / consultation. If you are Someone who likes the “Personal Touch” and want Higher Education and Training, We are Here for You.

To Discuss this Option, Please E-Mail us Directly at



We ARE BOTH Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate and Notes. We have Opportunities (Notes, REOs) for Purchase and are always looking for more. Whether it is Performing or Non-Performing, Bank Owned, with Discount or with Terms, We are Always in the Market

Our Exchange, has been a Trading Platform since 2013 and Continues to be a Source of Notes and REO’s, while it may be a good place for us to help you Find Buyers for Yours.

The Difference - If you have been in this business at all, you are probably familiar with the terms, “Broker Joker” “Direct” and “Daisy Chain.” We dealt with this for too long and wasted a lot of time and energy.
We ONLY deal with the Principal Owner of the Product.
All Assets we list or deal with, are not only “Direct,” they are Non-Stop and Exclusive.



If you have money that you want to put to work and see good returns, we are always looking for investors. We have a lot of experience both in Fund Management and Joint Venturing. A lot of Good Inventory that we evaluate is coming available right now, and we are open to taking on investors who want to partner with us on the deals. Partners can be anyone looking to Learn through Experience all the way to Passive Investors who just want to know their capital is being put toward something secure with growth*.

These options are available on an individual basis. Please email Dave at for more information.




Note Peer2Peer

History of Note Peer2Peer

After the crash of 2008, Robert Christadore called his son and former business partner, Dave and said, "I've got something for us!" "What is it?" Dave asked. "Notes!" exclaimed Bob. After a pause, Dave said "Great! Write me one!"

Turns out, a Note is a mortgage or the promissory note that goes with the deed of trust which is the security on the property. While going through an extensive year long coaching program, Robert founded the Note Peer2Peer Mastermind.

The Mastermind was originally created for the group of note investors we started working with to source large pools of Non-Performing 1st Notes (Trust Deeds). It started as a teleconference call where we had open conversations about anything from understanding how notes work all the way to discussing and executing on specific deals.

Since then, The Note Peer2Peer Broadcast formed. Twice a month, we air a webinar where we had a panelist who was an expert at their “Note Niche.” The content shared was extremely educational and valuable, not only to the listeners, but to us, Bob and Dave Christadore.